Workshop Challenges Urban Icons to Create "My Perfect Transit App"

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You Generated Great Ideas

Brainstorming in-person, online, and via text, our Urban Agents submitted over 600 ideas for improving how we get around our city! We collected ideas about how your app could help you plan your next trip, have a smooth ride, adjust to change, learn from others, feel productive, and more. (Check them out at Urban Agent HQ)


We Sorted Ideas into Feature Categories

By grouping similar concepts, we formed 71 categories that describe potential feature areas. From "Summarize Whole Trip" to "Collect Rider Feedback" and "Learn My Priorities" to "Donate Rides," these groups expressed the wide range of possibilities for our app.


Urban Icons "Shop" for Their Features

We invited our most engaged brainstormers to join us as Urban Icons at a Design Workshop. We challenged them to choose their top five must-have features to create their ideal, completely custom transit app. It was tough to choose only five!


Sketching Our Apps' Screens

Using their custom feature lists as guides, Urban Icons drew key screens to explain how their apps would work for them.

Pitching "My Perfect Transit App"

With only two minutes on the clock, each Icon told the story of their custom-made app, explaining how they would use their features to make getting around awesome.


Jacqui's CTA App: Get me from point A to point B

Mark's Using Time: For somebody who rides the CTA everyday

Em's Transit Snob: For people who know where they're going and how to get there

George's Urban Agent


Theora's Learning App

Annemarie's Fake It Real: Look like an expert even when I'm not

Dan's Tick Tock Transit: For total efficiency

Melissa's Chicago Transit Buddy


Rex's Routebook: Uses statistics & social networking to make your trip more predictable & fun

Pete's Spice It Up: Transit game

Alex's My CTA: Because it's all about me

Liz's Chicago Transit Pro: For the highly-productive, expert know-it-all, Chicago transiter


Build Phase Coming Soon


During this next phase, our design team and development partners will work to code your ideas into a transportation app for the Chicago region. There will be more ways to participate during prototyping and beta testing, so stay tuned!

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