Our project has two roles for participants: Urban Agent and Urban Icon

What does an Urban Agent do?

Urban Agents are our eyes and ears in the field. They receive assignments and training videos that explain how to collect information from their experiences navigating our city. Agents collect this information in pictures and stories and submitted it with us through email. Their submissions are posted on Urban Agent HQ where people can explore, discuss, and share their work.


Receive Assignments


Collect Information


Submit via Email


Share and Discuss on Urban Agent HQ

Get started as an Urban Agent here.

What does an Urban Icon do?

From our large team of Urban Agents, we'll select a smaller group of Urban Icons to participate in a hands-on workshop with us in our Chicago studio. We'll be looking for Agents who engage with the assignments and respond with thoughtful, empathetic submissions. If you're especially interested in this role, send us an email and we'll be sure to consider your work as we select Icons for the next workshop.