How to participate

Urban Scouts!
Urban Scouts are city dwellers who gather up information and ideas to help inform our app’s design. If you are curious, open-minded and creative, always have ideas for how to improve things, or just love to complain about the CTA, this might be the role for you!

You’ll attend a kickoff party and meet lots of like-minded citizens. You’ll get access to a new training video each week, and you’ll do fun assignments (up to 8 in total) that teach you a little about design, and a little about people. Your notes, photos, stories and ideas will appear on our gallery on our project website, and your input will directly influence both the vision and execution of a tool that makes it easier, faster and more interesting to get from point A to point B.

Urban Icons!
Urban Icons are Chicagoans who are passionate about learning and practicing user-centered design, and who want their work to have a public impact on society. As an Urban Icon, you are basically signing up for a real-world educational experience where the project is to design a transit app. In addition to Scouting, you’ll attend two high-impact workshops led by George, Sara and rotating Advisory Board members. You’ll learn about design for social innovation, then put those skills to use on distinct research and design challenges. Each workshop will be hosted at Greater Good Studio in Chicago, and all workshop supplies, training materials and food/drink will be provided.

Learn more on our Kickstarter page!