Moving Forward

We have good news and bad news. We'll give you the bad news first:

We did not make our Kickstarter goal - but you knew that. You knew the goal was ambitious. And we knew, almost from the moment we launched, that our concept was not ready for a mainstream audience. We were selling a process, not a product.

But, ready for the good news?

We're still doing the project! And we still want your help. Rather than asking Kickstarter for both money AND participation, we've decided to decouple those two things. First comes participation, and that's still from you. Then, once we have a concrete vision for our app's features and user interface, we'll find the money. We're confident in our ability to do so, after countless conversations this past month with investors, nonprofits, foundations, government agencies, designers, politicians and developers. (Seriously, we've taken our show on the road and learned a TON).

So, click over to our homepage and sign up! We'll keep you posted as the project continues, and if you still want to take part, you'll get many chances to do so over the next few months. We still want a huge team of engaged citizens as our field agents, and we hope you're ready to enjoy our research and design assignment videos and the community we create. Really. We want to hear from you.

Kickstarter has been quite the journey. This is not the end, it's a new beginning.

Greater Good Studio