We're Live!


Over the past six months, Designing Chicago: New Tools for Public Transit has grown from a twinkle in George's eye to a full-fledged participatory project. We've gained the attention of national and local media, been approached by dozens of potential partners, and most importantly, built a team of hundreds of people around Chicago and the world who are excited to change the way people navigate cities.

Thank you for your support as we leverage public participation to design a next-generation transit app. We're not stopping here. In fact, we've just begun.

Here are three things you can do right now to join the party:

1. Watch our First Assignment Video
Check out this video that kicks off the Research Phase! We hope you'll be inspired to try our first assignment, which will teach you to see the world as a designer might.

2. Join the Team
Sign up to be an Urban Agent and join the conversation on Urban Agent HQ. By gathering a wide range of perspectives, we know we'll develop even better insights about how people know where they are and get where they're going.

3. Spread the Word
Help us reach out to people who move through Chicago (or any city) and want to do something to make their journeys better. Please forward this post widely, connect with us on Twitter and Facebook, and email us with your ideas for how we can build an even better team.

Let's start Designing Chicago!

Greater Good Studio